Dalila Seruntine

Dalila Seruntine
Nick Taravella
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Dalila Was born on Jan 2, 1976 both her parents migrated to the United states from Nicaragua, due to war and the uncertain future that war brings. Her parents divorced early on and Dalila had a bit of a rocky start from age 2 on. She decided after the birth of her son Tory at the tender age of 17, that she would take a different path. With great passion she decided to give her son the life she felt he deserved. Dalila also realized early on that nothing would ever be handed to her; she would have to work for every step climbing the mountain of life and faith. Her determination to fight the circumstances of her childhood is literally what fueled her passion and zest for the possibilities of her future. She genuinely felt that life was filled with love that could be found, a God you could know in an intimate way, a family that could be happy, and dreams that could be realized. At the age of 23 she ran into a childhood friend, Tony Seruntine a local drummer noted as one of the best drummers in the city. The couple fell madly in love and married. Soon after, Dalila gave birth to her second son Miguel. Life was good for this young family. Tony was entrenched in the local Nola music scene and Dalila was present at just about every show and every rehearsal along with their children. It was through that exposure that led her to tap into a talent she would only day dream about as a child. Thus, began her musical journey. Dalila has had the opportunity to partake in countless musical showcases, music festivals, as well as having had the opportunity to sing back up with the amazing New Orleans Band “Soul Remedy”. During that time she was afforded the opportunity to take the stage opening for Grammy nominee Music Soul Child.

Dalila has also added acting to her list of credits, she can be seen in the Movies “Miracle Run” Starring Mary Louise Parker, as well as “The Dead Will Tell” Starring Anne Heche. Dalila also was in the infamous “Blue Room “ Scene in the movie “Ray” starring Jamie Fox. Dalila’s faith is an integral part of everything she does, she has also sung at various churches while in between projects. Over the years Tony and Dalila were in separate bands and participated in separate musical projects. They only performed on the same stage a handful of times. It was not long before the couple realized they could take charge of their own musical careers. They rallied together, turned off the radio and TV for 2 solid weeks, prayed, and asked God for guidance to the next step in their musical journey’s. Thus, Groovy 7 was born!!! Groovy7 has evolved to become an amazing musical entity. Through passion, faith, and hard work, so many dreams have been realized. Dalila is excited for the future of Groovy7, and it’s integral members.

I vow to continue to evolve and grow, spiritually, and artistically.
Tony Seruntine
Tillis Verdin

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